One-Song Workouts

Who’s heard of these? So fun, right? Just as the name suggests, One-Song Workouts take a song and assign a little workout circuit for you to complete while listening to it. And yeah, if you only do one you probably aren’t burning enough calories for it to qualify as a “real” workout, but do a few of these back to back and you’ve got a nice little home routine lined up. Here’s where you can find some:

One-Song Workouts on Pinterest
5 One-Song Workouts from Buzzfeed (you can play the songs from here too)

And here’s one so you can see what I’m talking about:




One, Fifteen, and Forty-Minute Workout Routines

So, a few months back I mysteriously started receiving Family Circle in the mail. Figuring it was either an accident or some sort of promotion, I tossed the first issue into the recycling bin and didn’t think much else about it. Then, when talking to my Dad a few nights later, he asked if I got “some magazine” in the mail, because Nana had got me a gift subscription and wanted to make sure I got it.

Now even if Family Circle might not normally be my jam, when your adorable 94 year-old Nana gets you a subscription, you read every issue cover to cover, no questions asked. Right after I got off the phone, I retrieved the issue from the recycling.

I have to say though, I’ve been enjoying the magazine a lot more than I thought I would. A lot of the stuff about families and kids doesn’t necessarily apply to me just yet, but they have some great articles and recipes, and when I was reading this month’s issue tonight, I found “3 Anywhere, Anytime Workouts” that I’m putting on my workout to-do list:

1-Minute Routine
Do 60 seconds of jumping jacks, with a squat in between each.

15-Minute Routine
2 minutes walk in place
2 minutes run or brisk march in place
2 minutes push-ups
2 minutes jumping jacks
2 minutes fast squats
2 minutes burpees
2 minutes lunges
1 minute plank

40-Minute Routine
5 minutes walk in place
5 minutes run/walk as fast as you can
5 minutes recovery
4 minutes go as hard as you can
4 minutes recovery
3 minutes go as hard as you can
3 minutes recovery
2 minutes go as hard as you can
2 minutes recovery
1 minute go as hard as you can
1 minute recovery
5 minutes cooldown


Diet > Exercise

Anyone remember that article from Time Magazine a ways back about Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin? The whole thing is worth a read, but the main gist of it is that you can workout all you want, but if you’re eating too much then you’ll never lose weight. Oh, right…

That being said, it doesn’t make much sense to do a workout challenge with expectations of seeing results without at least somewhat monitoring my diet, right? So, in addition to getting my home workouts in, this month I’m also using the app FatSecret to keep track of what I’m eating. While part of me kind of hates counting calories, another part of me is finding it really useful to see how many calories I’m actually consuming vs. how many I thought I was.

Plus, it’s helping me to make some smart choices when it comes to selecting one food or beverage over another—like the time I assumed tonic water was calorie free, wrong! It has upwards of 80 calories a glass and 21 grams of sugar, as opposed to zero in soda water (checkout this slideshow from Shape that shows how certain drinks stack up against each other calorie-wise). The more you know…

Anyone out there an avid calorie counter? Any tips and tricks for me?

Home Fitness Find #1: Popsugar Fitness

This whole challenge started when I was creating a Pinterest “Fitspiration” board for one of my social media clients. I was looking for fitness motivation imagery and kept coming across all these fun little graphics for workouts to do at home. One of them linked me back to Popsugar Fitness, which has a TON of great workouts that you can do just about anywhere, including this Bikini Body Workout Plan that I’ve been focusing on for the past week.

Win! Let’s see what else I can find…


July’s Lent: The 21st Century Home Workout

Early on in high school, I discovered my mom’s treasure trove of workout VHS tapes from the 80s and early 90s. Exercising outside of gym class was a new and intriguing concept for me, so I spent a good chunk of time working my way through all the different types of workout tapes in her collection. Countless hours were spent doing sit-ups with Tony Little, belly dancing with Neena and Veena, kickboxing my way through Tao Bo with Billy Blanks, and learning sun salutations from Kathy Smith—just to name a few.

My interest in the home workout waned once I had free access to a gym in college though, and for the last few years I was lucky enough to work for a company that paid for any fitness class I wanted to take (pretty sweet benefit, right?), so I’ve been primarily getting my workout on outside of the home. Now that I don’t have the luxury of working out for free whenever I want though, I need to figure out an affordable way to stay in shape. Hello, home workout—21st century style.

This month my goal is to navigate my way through the internet’s plethora of free workouts, whether it be through fitness sites, blogs, YouTube, or Pinterest (I’ve surprisingly found a bunch of really good ones on there), and report back my best finds to you guys. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have a whole host of good options for getting in shape on the cheap.

Anyone have any favorite home workout resources to share with me?


I plan to make my way through all of these while I’m home visiting my family on the Cape this week.



The Power of Time Off

Did I really let 14 whole days pass without writing? Whoops. You guys still there? Did you give up on me yet? You know it’s bad when Facebook starts sending you those little reminder messages encouraging you to post because you haven’t in so long…and I did so well last month! What happened?

Truth be told, I actually don’t have a challenge for June (gasp!). I had every intention of doing one, and well, life got the best of me. For the last few months I’ve been working 2 jobs with some freelance work thrown into the mix, and well—I’m pooped. Going from working 30 hours a week to 50 has been an adjustment, and while it’s all for the best (a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do), free time has been hard to come by and I just don’t have a challenge in me right now.

But things are about to shift in a better direction, and next week I’ll go back down to 1 job again (phew), finishing up my time at lululemon and heading back to doing graphic design and social media work. It’s been a wild ride with lulu over the past few years full of crazy-amazing experiences and some incredible people, but I feel complete with my time there, and something’s been telling me that it’s time to move on. It was nice—essential even, to have a break from my career and to take a breather (I’m all about Sagmeister‘s “time off” philosophy), but it’s time to get back to work, so that’s what I’m going to do.

So hang in there with me as this career transition takes center stage for the time being. My plan is to be back in blogging business for July though, so keep checking back. I may squeeze in a post here and there before then if I can too. I can’t stay away for too long…

A Short Run Is Better Than No Run

Guys…I did it! I ran every single day this month—woohoo! I think this might be the first time in 12MOL history that I fully completed a challenge without cheating (I hope that doesn’t change your opinion of me, but I usually cut myself a little slack here and there), and I have to say, I’m kind of proud of myself.

This morning’s final “Mile A Day May” treadmill session ended me at 32 miles for the month, which compared to last month’s zero miles, is a pretty big improvement, right?

For whatever reason, I used to operate under the assumption that it wasn’t worth going for a run if I didn’t do at least a few miles, but what happened more times than not was that this thought process prevented me from running at all (hence the zero miles I ran last month). What this challenge showed me though, is that running a mile might not seem like a lot at the time, but those miles add up, and a short run ends up being way better than no run at all.

That being said, I think I’m ready for a day off, so tomorrow you can find me taking a well-reserved rest day and lounging around in the sun at a Great Lake. Ahhh…

Thanks Mile A Day May, you were a good one.


Sweat Angels

Last night I switched up my normal treadmill-running routine and hit up lululemon’s weekly run club. Here’s what I learned:

Running Outside > Running Inside

Running with Friends > Running Alone


Stretching on the floor after a sweaty run = Sweat Angels (you know, like, snow angels, but with sweat)


Kristyne and I’s post run club glow


Running Jams

When I run outside I often forgo music, but when I’m stuck on a treadmill, it’s pretty much the only thing that gets me through—even if it’s just a mile.

I have a few upbeat playlists that I typically circle through (my series of hipster dance party compilations leftover from my early-20′s titled “Danceachusetts” usually do the trick), but I decided to start a “run” specific playlist this month that I could keep adding to. Here’s my work in progress—anyone have any song suggestions to throw in the mix? I’m all ears.

Oh, and as a side note, I have it arranged by musical genre: 1. Pop/Dance, 2. Hipster Dance/Electronic, 3. Classic Rock/Alternative.

  1. Till The World Ends / Britney Spears
  2. Sexy Bitch (feat. Akon) / David Guetta
  3. Whatcha Say / Jason Derulo
  4. Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z) / Beyoncé
  5. Just Can’t Get Enough / Black Eyed Peas
  6. Hello / Karmin
  7. I’ll Fly With You / Gigi D’Agistino
  8. Ni**as in Paris / Kanye West & JAY Z
  9. Whataya Want from Me / Adam Lambert
  10. Show Me Love / Robin S.
  11. Earthquake (feat. Tinie Tempah) / Labrinth
  12. Beautiful Life / Ace Of Base
  13. Little Bit (CSS Remix) / Lykke Li
  14. Lola / MIKA
  15. Jerk It / Thunderheist
  16. Like a G6 / Far East Movement, The Cataracs & Dev
  17. Dirty Mutha / Steed Lord
  18. Kate Moss / Roxy Cottontail
  19. Perfect Fit / Tilly and the Wall
  20. Over and Over / Hot Chip
  21. Affection / Crystal Castles
  22. Girl’s Night Out / The Knife
  23. Back & Spine (Extended Original) / Kasper Bjørke
  24. Blackout / The Knocks
  25. Fa-Fa-Fa / Datarock
  26. Sisters (feat. Northern Voice) / A Tribe Called Red
  27. Par avion / FM Belfast
  28. Take It To Fantastic / Cannonball Jane
  29. Freedom / George Michael
  30. Boy Blue / Electric Light Orchestra
  31. Takin’ Care of Business / Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  32. Cum On Feel the Noize / Quiet Riot
  33. Born to Run / Bruce Springsteen
  34. The Devil Went Down to Georgia / Charlie Daniels
  35. Carry On / Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  36. Say You Love Me / Fleetwood Mac
  37. Amphetamine /  Everclear
  38. Excuse Me Mr. / No Doubt
  39. God Bless the S.O.S. / The Explosion
  40. Dear Sergio / Catch 22
  41. Superman / Goldfinger
  42. Asleep at the Wheel / Hippos
  43. Bitch / Kicked In The Head
  44. Cars & Calories / Saves The Day
  45. Song 2 / Blur
  46. Golden Touch / Razorlight
  47. Such Great Heights / The Postal Service
  48. Do the Whirlwind / Architecture In Helsinki
  49. Way You Walk  / Papas Fritas
  50. Intro / The xx