The Real Challenge Starts Today

Ok, ok, ok, I have to admit, I’ve kind of been cheating a little bit this month. No, I haven’t been skipping workouts, but in addition to home workouts, I’ve been working out at a gym for the past 2 weeks too. My intention was to strictly do the home thing this month, but my parting gift from lululemon was a consultation and month membership to AFS, a fitness studio that’s super-close to my new job, and I decided to not wait until August to get started (plus since someone else bought it for me it still qualifies as free fitness, right?).

Although it isn’t in my budget to meet with a personal trainer regularly, it was really helpful to have even a single session with one. Not only did she take measurements of my entire body so we can track results over time (I’ve never had this done before, I’m kind of excited), but she even wrote me a home routine to do when I can’t make it in for a group class, and she set a daily calorie goal for me to maintain (this is the hardest part, by far). So yeah, maybe weekly sessions with a personal trainer aren’t an option for you either, but meeting with one once a month, or every few months even, might be worth the investment to get you set up to workout effectively on your own.

And I have to say too, the group classes I’ve been doing have actually been beneficial to my home workouts as well. I was quickly reminded how much harder you push yourself in a class setting when there’s an instructor making sure you aren’t slacking off, and I’ve been trying to maintain that mentality when I’m working out alone and don’t have anyone making sure I get those few extra reps in. Plus, it’s always nice to have someone show you proper form and technique so you don’t end up injuring yourself, which isn’t that hard to do.

The real challenge starts today though, because Dan and I are out in Oregon all week for a wedding/extended vacation (I’m writing this from the airport in Vegas), and I’m setting an intention to not ruin all the hard work I’ve put in over the past month by overindulging during the next 10 days. Wish me luck. Hopefully all the hiking and swimming and farming I’ll be doing will offset the inevitable hipster restaurant and craft beer calories that are coming my way…

In the midst of a long layover in Vegas. How many calories does pulling the lever on the slot machine burn?

In the midst of a long layover in Vegas. How many calories do slots burn?