July’s Lent: The 21st Century Home Workout

Early on in high school, I discovered my mom’s treasure trove of workout VHS tapes from the 80s and early 90s. Exercising outside of gym class was a new and intriguing concept for me, so I spent a good chunk of time working my way through all the different types of workout tapes in her collection. Countless hours were spent doing sit-ups with Tony Little, belly dancing with Neena and Veena, kickboxing my way through Tao Bo with Billy Blanks, and learning sun salutations from Kathy Smith—just to name a few.

My interest in the home workout waned once I had free access to a gym in college though, and for the last few years I was lucky enough to work for a company that paid for any fitness class I wanted to take (pretty sweet benefit, right?), so I’ve been primarily getting my workout on outside of the home. Now that I don’t have the luxury of working out for free whenever I want though, I need to figure out an affordable way to stay in shape. Hello, home workout—21st century style.

This month my goal is to navigate my way through the internet’s plethora of free workouts, whether it be through fitness sites, blogs, YouTube, or Pinterest (I’ve surprisingly found a bunch of really good ones on there), and report back my best finds to you guys. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have a whole host of good options for getting in shape on the cheap.

Anyone have any favorite home workout resources to share with me?


I plan to make my way through all of these while I’m home visiting my family on the Cape this week.