The Power of Time Off

Did I really let 14 whole days pass without writing? Whoops. You guys still there? Did you give up on me yet? You know it’s bad when Facebook starts sending you those little reminder messages encouraging you to post because you haven’t in so long…and I did so well last month! What happened?

Truth be told, I actually don’t have a challenge for June (gasp!). I had every intention of doing one, and well, life got the best of me. For the last few months I’ve been working 2 jobs with some freelance work thrown into the mix, and well—I’m pooped. Going from working 30 hours a week to 50 has been an adjustment, and while it’s all for the best (a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do), free time has been hard to come by and I just don’t have a challenge in me right now.

But things are about to shift in a better direction, and next week I’ll go back down to 1 job again (phew), finishing up my time at lululemon and heading back to doing graphic design and social media work. It’s been a wild ride with lulu over the past few years full of crazy-amazing experiences and some incredible people, but I feel complete with my time there, and something’s been telling me that it’s time to move on. It was nice—essential even, to have a break from my career and to take a breather (I’m all about Sagmeister‘s “time off” philosophy), but it’s time to get back to work, so that’s what I’m going to do.

So hang in there with me as this career transition takes center stage for the time being. My plan is to be back in blogging business for July though, so keep checking back. I may squeeze in a post here and there before then if I can too. I can’t stay away for too long…

5 thoughts on “The Power of Time Off

  1. Great post and I really enjoyed that TED talk. As much as I love this idea and buy into the value of it 100%, I find myself wondering – how the heck do you financially support something like this, and how would it ever work for anyone other than an entrepreneur? Even if I wanted to take just a month long sabbatical from my corporate job, that would be very challenging, may result in me losing my job and/or it would be unpaid, which is a problem. Thus, that feeling of being trapped in the rat wheel…

    • I know what you mean Becky, I don’t have the funds to quit my full-time job and galavant around the world either (sigh), but I have somehow found ways to take little breaks from the corporate world (while still working) and it’s still felt like a bit of a sabbatical, even if it technically isn’t. My goal is to take a real sabbatical someday though, there’s gotta be a way, right? Power of intention? Sankalpa?

      • I would like to think so! What do you do to take shorter breaks? Just save up all of your vacation and take paid time off? Or do you have the ability to work from locations other than your office?

      • Well, I got laid off in 2009 (along with half of America) and was out of work for about a year so that was a pretty lengthy break. Then I was doing freelance work for a few years afterwards that allowed me some flexibility with my schedule and pockets of time in between gigs, and now I’m just finishing up a few years working at lululemon, which is the opposite of the corporate world, especially the times when my “job” was to blog from yoga festivals and live-tweet at events. So…it’s really all over the map. When I figure out the real secret to taking time off and not going broke I’ll be sure to let you know though 🙂

      • Sounds like you did a great job at finding opportunity and keeping a positive attitude through a challenging time. I was also laid off in 2009 and it really threw me for a loop. I was panicked and took the first job I could get after that, which ended up working out well and I’m still at the same company 5 years later, ha ha, but I definitely didn’t get any time off in the process. If either of us figures out the secret, we’ll be sure to share with the other!

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