Catch-Up, Kale, and Muscle Memory

Yikes, sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week—it’s been crazy busy over here in Wagis-World. I promise to be back on track with posting this week though—the final week of my portion control challenge. 

Let me take a second to get you up to speed with what you’ve missed since I disappeared from the internet:

  • Dan’s brother Ethan was in town and I managed to keep my portions in check for 2 nights in a row of restaurant eating (I mean…for the most part. There may have been a bite or 2 of extra pasta, shhhhh). 
  • And speaking of Dan, my main man—did you know that he’s a musician? Check out his latest song here. My biased and unbiased opinion is that it’s pretty awesome. Am I right?
  • After a pretty miserable start to the day last Friday (I’ve honestly never been so “below the line” in my entire life), 2 hours of sitting in traffic to meet a friend in Providence for yoga (and still ending up getting to class late), I decided that it was ok to eat my entire burrito—probably 2, maybe even 3, servings worth—at dinner. Portion control fail, personal sanity and happiness win. 100% worth it.
  • The weekend was busy working on a freelance design project, which coincidently, was for a 21-Day Gentle Food Cleanse, that contained some great info on portion control, and just healthy eating in general. Perfect timing, right?
  • I started using an app called Portions (brought to you by Canada, of course) that a reader recommended and it’s been great. Absolutely perfect for tracking what, and how much of it, I eat each day.
  •  My “Drink More Kale” shirt came in the mail. YES. Luckily as far as portion control goes, I can eat unlimited servings of kale this month.
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that it is indeed true that it takes 15-20 meals to reset the muscle memory of the stomach, because my appetite is much, much smaller than it was a few weeks ago. Win!

And that’s all I’ve got for now. 4 days of portion control to go!


3 thoughts on “Catch-Up, Kale, and Muscle Memory

  1. Danne, which yoga studio were you at in Providence? I live there and practice at a few!
    P.S. Your blog is inspiring!


    • Thanks for reading Alex! I went to Providence Power Yoga and they were great. Super nice to me when they found out I was going to be late, and they even gave me a free water when I realized I had left mine in the car (and probably looked like I was going to cry haha). Beautiful studio space too. Where do you usually practice?

      • I loveeeeeee PPY! Such a wonderful staff and space. Let me know if you’re ever practicing there again!

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