Leave It To Canada…

…to one-up the US as far as food and nutrition guidelines go. High five Canada, you guys really take the cake on this one.

When I was trying to figure out what on earth I was supposed to be eating last week, I first looked to the government, remembering the infamous Food Pyramid of my childhood. Since that’s now extinct, I checked out the “new and improved” version: MyPlate, which in my opinion is essentially useless. Unless you really dig around and click through a bunch of links, all it really tells you is to fill half your plate with fruits & veggies, a quarter with grains, and the other quarter with protein. Um, and then what? Thanks for providing me with next to nothing, United States Department of Agriculture. 

A Canadian reader commented a few days ago and directed me to My Food Guide, an interactive tool that helps you to personalize the info found in Canada’s Food Guide. 

It was great. It took less than five minutes, and it spit out a personalized food servings guide, complete with examples on how much a serving actually isget this—based on some of my favorite foods that I selected from their food lists. 


Amazing. I’ve been singing Oh, Canada all afternoon. 

2 thoughts on “Leave It To Canada…

  1. I’m glad you found it helpful! Maybe it will get you through your March month of lent. I’m embarking on the challenge too! Well, a eat by the food guide for 30 days, challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

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