Analog Graphic Design

The outcome of my visit to the Genius Bar the other day is that I am yet again without a computer for the week because they needed to send it away to have a specialist figure out what this pesky problem is. Que sera sera, I suppose. Moving on…

Since website work is at a standstill, I thought I’d post about some of the analog activities that I’ve been keeping myself busy with in my new found digital-free free time.

Activity #1: Analog Graphic Design.

They’ve recently discovered my design skills at work (for anyone who doesn’t know, I work as an educator at lululemon) and have kept me busy working on window displays and sign painting throughout the store. It’s been really fun, and I have to say, even a little liberating working on projects that aren’t so contrived and serious. So, here are a few photos of what my BFA is currently working on:

The theme for our February store windows is “Occupy Love”. I had the awesome task of hand drawing and painting the large “Occupy Love” letters, which was super fun and a total throwback to my Type 1 class in college. The original display featured 2 mannequins on top of each other in the tent but we were asked by mall security to remove them because they had too many complaints that it was “offensive”. Seriously? No comment…

Our events board for February. Drawing little hearts over and over again is basically my dream job…

The local happenings board for Feb…

More analog fun to come!

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