JDFI January + February Extension

So, it’s the last day of January and instead of celebrating the launch of my website, I’ll be spending the afternoon at the Genius Bar getting a diagnosis of my twice busted computer. Sigh…

My mom always used to tell me that more often than not, your Plan A doesn’t work out in life so you’d better not get too attached to the outcome (that one’s for you Ben), and you’d better have a Plan B (sometimes even a C and D) lined up and ready to roll. I’ve been discouraged enough to ponder giving up finishing this website altogether (or at least putting it down for a while) but I read this great little quote in Whole Living Magazine this morning that gave me a much needed reminder:

So, my decision is to move forward and I’m extending my deadline to the end of February. I hope everyone can hang in there for another month of boring website posts, hopefully minus the computer problems this time.

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