It’s 7˚—Who Wants a Smoothie?

The week Mother Nature decides to give New England a taste of what winter is supposed to feel like (ie. snow, ice, and temperatures in the single digits), I decide to embark on a frozen drink challenge. Great timing, eh? It’s almost like I didn’t even think about it. I’ll call it a case of “the sheer joy of owning a Vitamix in the first place” blinding me from reality.

Frigid weather aside, I christened my new friend this week with a green smoothie from the massive cookbook that she (of course it has a gender) came with on Tuesday & Wednesday, followed up with a “let’s see what all the frozen fruit in my freezer tastes like together” smoothie on Thursday, and today,  a Dino Smoothie, courtesy of my fav food blog, Two Blue Lemons.

I like this challenge already.

And um, I have to say—this thing is a beast. Beast. The first time I turned it to high I honestly thought it was going to take off. The strength of the motor is mind-blowing, and it blends everything into the smoothest, most chunk-free consistency I’ve ever experienced with a blender—all in about 60 seconds. This could be love.

What I’d really love to learn more about this month too is smoothie add-ins: flaxseeds, spirulina, ginger, the latest magical berry everyone’s been saying you need too add to your diet, and etc. Does anyone have some knowledge on this they’d like to share? Any personal favs? I’m really just looking to sneak in some super-healthy things where I can to maximize the nutritional value.

Happy Friday!


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