Day 21: The Last Supper

Well, this is it. Day 21: The Last Supper (sorry, sorry, I know). Tonight I cooked up my final cleanse meal, Chickpea-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers, and even though they kind of looked like cat food when I was preparing them, they turned out pretty tasty. Would it have been better with a bun? Probably. Am I a little uncomfortable with the fact that I’ve turned into that person who wraps a burger in lettuce? Yep. But tomorrow morning, a whole new day awaits me. A day full of bagels, and pizza, and pinot, and…

I’ll be honest, as excited as I am to have this cleanse over with, I’m a little nervous. I’ve been eating so well over these past few weeks, I feel good, I lost 5 pounds (which leaves me wondering what the hell I’d have to do if I actually wanted to lose weight), and there’s no Catholic Guilt over what I’ve been eating. So, what now?

The plan I’ve been following offers a Bonus Week 4 and I’ve decided to use it as a guide as I make my way back to “normal” eating. My intention is to follow it, but not be too strict. As my Dad would say, “Everything in moderation”.

So, back to the real world of dinner parties and Red Mango Smoothies I go. I do plan on writing up a more detailed review of my experience with this cleanse too, I just want to wait a few days so I can evaluate how I feel once my eating patterns shift back to normal.

Expect pictures of me enjoying forbidden foods tomorrow, YES.

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