JFDI January

People often ask me how I decide what to do for each month’s lent. When I first started the blog back in 2009, I sat down and mapped out the entire year’s worth of challenges in one sitting. While it was nice to have such a defined plan, I quickly discovered that completing one month of lent often inspired an idea for another month of lent, and that the experiences and adventures of the year lead me in directions that I couldn’t have predicted.

So, I switched it up a bit and now I take things one month at a time. When the month is drawing to a close, I do a personal assessment and decide what would be most beneficial to me at that time. Is my diet out of whack? Am I slacking on exercise? Do I need to be taking things a little less seriously and having more fun?

Towards the close of December I was feeling pretty strongly that some sort of dietary detox was in the cards for January’s lent (I’ve been living off of hors d’oeuvres and holiday sweets, it’s disgusting). I even took it as a sign from the universe when I got the new issue of Whole Living Magazine which featured a 21 day detox on the cover. Perfect. Cliché, but perfect. But then I got to thinking…as much as my diet needed a reboot, there’s been one pesky thing on my to-do list for the past 6 years (literally) that I just can’t seem to finish for the life of me: Get my design website up.

Lent to the rescue!

It’s really embarrassing to admit, but I design websites for a living and I don’t even have my own. Lord only knows how I’ve made it 6 years in the professional world without one, but it’s time to quit procrastinating and JFDI: “Just F***ing Design It” (a spin off of “Just F***ing Do It, what became our group mantra in my session of Project M). My goal for January is to launch http://www.justdanne.com by January 31st. No excuses, no extensions, just a hard deadline that I’m committing to. Period.

I’m not quite sure how interesting reading about my design process is going to be, but I’m thinking that it’ll be a lot less annoying than reading rants about how much I miss jelly beans and pinot grigio (which I should probably consider giving up for real lent this year).

T-29 days ’til launch, 1,2, 3 go!

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