My Vacation 6

Well, I have a confession to make. I’m not really going the whole month only wearing 6 things—it’s actually 12. No, I’m not cheating—I’m just going on VACATION (!!!!!), and since the weather forecast in Puerto Rico is sunny and in the 80’s all next week, my New England 6 really aren’t going to cut it.

I wasn’t sure if I should take a vacation from lent too, but I decided that sixing would be really helpful for packing, and that it was! I honestly could have got away with only packing 5 things, but I gave myself the 6 and then threw in a 7th bonus item—just because it’s vacation.

So, 12MOL is signing off and checking out for a week or so, but I’ll be back soon and posting will resume as usual.


My Vacation 6

One thought on “My Vacation 6

  1. I love that you're only bringing 7 clothing items with you!! (And I think one of them is the dress I gave you!) I would like to do a wardrobe diet too… My sister and I were just talking about how shitty it is to buy clothes that are made by cheap labor in other countries, that are then shipped here on huge boats emitting horrible fumes that go right through marine reserves for whales. Umm, totally against all of our moral convictions. The challenge we discussed is to stop buying things from stores that sell things new, and try to get clothing items from eBay and consignment shops. I'd really like to try "sixing" too, because I think it would, above all else, make me more creative with what I already own. And since I'm home all the time I should, in fairness, limit my pj consumption, ha. Maybe being minimal with my wardrobe will help me size my closet down too. I have so much stuff in there but have a tough time getting rid of things. Usually my excuse is, "I might wear this when I teach." And yes, high school kids perhaps think more about clothing than anyone else, but who cares if I don't have a new outfit every day? It would set a good example for them to see someone living minimally and getting creative with what they own. Okay I think I'm done ranting. Have a great trip, talk to you when you get back!

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