“Happiness is nothing but total relaxation”…

…as was quoted on my Yogi tea bag tag this morning. But why is it so hard to relax? Or maybe it’s just me that has this problem? It’s the same battle that I’ve been trying to conquer for the past two months. There just isn’t enough time in the day to keep up with everything so when I do get a free moment, I immediately schedule something productive to fill the time. Great for getting things done, not so great for giving myself a break, and everyone needs a break.

So this Thanksgiving I decided to finally give myself a break (I’ve been known to make a list of goals before a vacation). No Teux Deux list, no catching up on emails, no worrying about my grown-up responsibilities, time to just be. I had meaningful conversations with the people I was with, slept until I wasn’t tired anymore, got lost on a long run, ate without guilt, laughed and played with little kids, and generally just slowed down and had fun, sans productivity.

Come Monday, I’m surprised that I was able to jump back into work and all of my nagging responsibilities as easily as I did, but it makes sense. I feel rested and recharged so I have more energy to devote to these tasks. When I’m burnt out and running on empty even the tiniest to-do item can feel monumental. I think everyone could benefit from the principles of the Sabbath Manifesto, and it’s definitely a practice that I’m going to work into my normal routine.

Moral of the story: Your time-off affects your time-on so take a minute to take a minute when you can.

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