“Type A” Gratitude

I think I’m getting a little too “Type A” about my gratitude journal. Here’s a list of thoughts that have already gone through my mind this week:

  • “Should I organize the things I’m grateful for into categories and go through them one by one?”
  • “I wonder if I should record the big things first and then move on to the smaller day to day ones?”
  • After thinking about something that I felt grateful for: “Wait, is that good enough to be grateful for? Maybe I should think of something better.”
  • “I should probably go back and take a photo so my gratitude journal looks cooler…”

Rein it in, Dzenawagis. How about you stop trying to create such a rigid framework and just write down whatever comes to mind—even if it isn’t “good enough” and even if you forgot to snap a “cool” picture of it—because that’s what’s going to be the most authentic. Gratitude is gratitude.

So here’s my unedited list of things that I’m grateful for this week:

  • Monday: Having an unconventional work schedule that allows me to stay in bed until at least 9am 5 days this week (sorry, am I rubbing it in?)
  • Tuesday: Living downtown and within walking distance of really cool cafés, shops, restaurants & bars
  • Wednesday: Working for a company that truly values and encourages my physical and mental wellbeing (and not to mention my goals)
  • Thursday: Yin yoga. If you’ve never been you’re really missing out, it’s the best.

Anyone else? What are you grateful for this week?

Ready, Set, Sweat

Although I wouldn’t say I’m back to 100%, I’m certainly on the mend and the worst of my untimely little sickness seems to have passed (knock on wood). I might have had to take the first 3 days of this challenge off, but I’ve nursed myself back to health and am finally ready to get sweaty—moderately sweaty, let’s not get crazy here…

Here’s what’s on the agenda for my first official week of November’s Sweat Once A Day lent:

Monday: I kicked things off by taking a nice, long walk—which I did indeed break a sweat on btw, don’t judge walking.

Tuesday: A 60-minute hatha yoga class

Wednesday: A 90-minute home yoga practice (I have to keep up with my teacher training homework afterall) and maybe a walk/jog too if I have time.

Thursday: An early morning Pure Barre class before work

Friday: A Real Ryder class with my lulu ladies (which I’ve never done before so it counts for a “new to me workout”, a #sweatdate, and a studio workout—bam!)

Saturday: In-store yoga at lululemon before work

Sunday: TBD, but it’ll probably consist of a home yoga practice, a run, or a Pure Barre class. And maybe some yin yoga thrown in there as a bonus—because it’s the perfect way to cap off any week, especially a sweaty one. 

Anyone else joining me for this sweaty challenge? How’s it going for you?


A shot from yesterday’s walk. The midwest is no New England, but there’s some pretty lovely foliage here as well.



Oh Shiva, I was glad to see you at class this morning…