R&R > Sweating

I’ve been trying my hardest to avoid it but…I’m sick. Not like, can’t-get-out-of-bed flu sick, but sick enough that I can’t really even entertain the thought of doing anything that presents any sort of physical challenge. Great. I’m not off to the best start, huh?

I hate benching myself right off the bat, but I need a little R&R so I can be in tip top condition for the rest of the month. So today, I will not dwell on the 2 Pure Barre classes I’ve had to cancel so far and the run that’s getting pushed back to next week, I will rest up, drink my tea, and not worry about it. Que sera, sera.

On another note, for my yogi friends out there, I read a great article from Yoga International yesterday titled “Your Winter Wellness Guide”. It talks about living in harmony with the current season, and how to best handle the winter season that we’re approaching, which is the season of kapha. One kapha-pacifying regimen that the author recommends is exercise which increases circulation and quells kapha in the wintertime. It’s almost like I knew, what a good little yogi in training I am. 

Here’s hoping that I’ll be as good as new on Monday, now back to my R&R…