Memory #7: Y2K Mocktail Party

While the world was bracing for the Y2K technology meltdown (which ended up just being a massive case of hypochondria), I was planning my first epic New Year’s Eve party. In 1999, I was in my sophomore year of high school and knee-deep in my newest obsession: lounge and exotica music (Read: I was exclusively wearing leopard print and I had a 6′ tall fake palm tree in my bedroom that I would lay under while listening to Les Baxter on repeat. True story, I was a weird kid).

In this funny new counterculture world that lounge music introduced me to, I became fascinated with the idea of the cocktail party, and decided that I needed to have one of my own to ring in the new millenium. Since I was 15 and straight-edge at the time though, we dubbed it a “mocktail” party—which was fine by me.

On New Year’s Eve of 1999, all my besties and I gathered in my parents basement and had the best time ever. I don’t think anyone even noticed that there was no alcohol because we were having such a fun time wearing cute cocktail dresses, drinking fancy looking non-alcoholic drinks with little umbrellas, and listening to the Ultra-Lounge Leopard Skin Sampler on repeat. It was perfect.


Friends who were there: Anyone have any photos you wouldn’t mind sharing sharing? It appears I only have a few.