Playing Catch-Up

After a few weeks of so-so lent participation, I’m determined to pull it together and end the month on a high note. Let’s do this!

Last night I topped off a busy week with a Tibetan Singing Bowls session at a local yoga studio. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it was basically an hour-long “sound massage” where we laid in shavasana, covered in blankets, while being serenaded by a beautiful orchestra of singing bowls. I’m pretty sure that covers my “yogic relaxation technique” base for the week. Check!

Then this morning, before I could even distract myself with anything else, I rolled out my mat and did a 45-minute yoga and meditation practice on Yoga International lead by my teacher Karina. For anyone looking to practice yoga at home, I highly recommend checking out Yoga International, they have a whole host of classes to stream, all free to the public.

After that I managed to talk myself out of eating a spoonful of chocolate frosting from the fridge that was leftover from Dan’s birthday cake, and I decided to hold off on putting a cute pair of boots on my credit card that have been in my DSW shopping cart all weekend, so I’m off to a good start.

And it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow! Time to find some plans and set some intentions for 2014. Anyone have any resolutions they’d like to share?

Fanne loves yoga almost as much as I do

She loves Fanne-bombing my home practice


Did > Did Not

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with posting though all the holiday hooplah this month and I’ve also hard a hard time keeping up with my challenge. I just reread my posts from this month and realized that all of them pretty much say the same thing: “Whoops, I missed the mark this week. At least there’s always next week!”. But then the next week brought the same story.

I could beat myself up for this but I don’t believe in that. Negative self talk never makes anything better. Plus, even though I never checked off every single item on my self-care to-do list on any given week, I’m actually feeling pretty good right now, so the few things I managed to get around to must have paid off.

So instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, here’s what I did do this month:

  • I recommitted to my meditation practice and have integrated it back into my life.
  • I made time for yoga, even when I only had 20 minutes to practice, and was reminded that sometimes that’s all you need.
  • I did an awesome job abstaining from sweet-eating and saved myself a bunch of empty calories/instaregret.
  • I finished all my shopping a week before Christmas—for the first time ever—saving me a bunch of last minute stress (although my family just got their gifts in the mail today, which is a total bummer. Thanks USPS)
  • I moved and unpacked a whole house worth of belongings 2 weeks before Christmas and still managed to get a tree, do my holiday decorating, and send out cards to friends and family.
  • I actually ended up having a really nice Christmas. It was my first year away from my family for the holidays so there were certainly sad moments, but overall I managed to have a really nice day at home with Dan and Fanne in our beautiful new apartment. We slept in, we cooked, we baked, we ate, we exchanged gifts, and we relaxed. Perfect, right?

Maybe I hard a hard time fitting in those 2 cardio workouts a week, and maybe there were a few times when I went to bed without meditating, or times when using my credit card was the only option, but I feel ok right now, and holiday burnout never made it’s way to these parts. That’s some sort of success, right?

And it’s only the 28th too, there’s still a few days left before the new year to do a little self-care catch up before I’m off to my next challenge—which is going to be really fun btw 😉

My favorite Christmas tradition: Watching It's a Wonderful life on xmas eve

My favorite Christmas tradition: Watching It’s a Wonderful life on Christmas Eve


Holidays–1, Danne–1

If it were yesterday the title of this post definitely would have been, “Holidays-1, Danne-0”. You know those days when you get in your car for lunch break and seriously consider driving home, crawling into bed, and calling into work “bat s**t crazy”? That was my yesterday.

Last Tuesday we returned to MI after a whirlwind trip home to the east coast (with Fanne in tow, yay!) and immediately had to pack up all of our stuff because our apartment was finally ready to move into (I wouldn’t believe it myself if I weren’t sitting on my new turquoise couch right now). Then we spent my entire birthday moving, and the 6 days that followed were a mix of furiously unpacking and getting eaten alive by holiday retail madness. Woah. I’m 98% sure this is the first time I’ve sat down in over a week. It’s been a doozy…

So needless to say, my holiday survival guide didn’t get very much attention last week and I give myself a big, fat F—not even an E for Effort. Damn moving, it gets me every time…

But this is a new week and a chance to recommit. Although we’re not entirely unpacked, our apartment is mostly functional so I have a little more time to devote to taking care of myself and to getting back on track—and I intend to do just that.

But for the record—and so you guys don’t think I’m a total slacker—I’d like to make it known that I finished all of my Christmas shopping today and made a trip to the post office to mail out what needed to be sent home to my family. That, and I have 20 Christmas cards sitting in front of me that are all sealed, stamped, and addressed, ready to hit the post office box tomorrow morning. At least I hit one holiday survival guide goal. That’s something, right?

You might have got me earlier in the week holidays, but I think we’re even now. It’s on.

My first of 2 legal sweet cheats this month: birthday cake!

My first of 2 legal sweet cheats this month: birthday cake!

p.s. In case you missed it, here’s my second post about my holiday survival guide for the lululemon blog this month.

p.p.s. We got the best, most squatty, little Christmas tree tonight. Pics to come once it’s decorated, I’m in love.