The Angel Braid

Although this one doesn’t actually take that long to do, it does take a minute or two to get the hang of it—or at least it did for me. I love how it looks though, and it was practical (and pretty) for yoga today as well.

I’m giving the Angel Braid points for fashion and function, and also one for repeatability—and if that wasn’t a word before it is now.


Sock Bun Success

Ok, ok, so I didn’t use a real sock, I used one of these “bun makers” instead—but I like saying “sock bun” more than “donut bun” so for these purposes, that’s what we’re calling it. Pretty cool though, right? It was really simple to do, plus it was perfect for yoga practice this morning so it’s a double win in the Book of Danne (which means it gets a point for fashion and a point for function). Score!

Tomorrow = Braids


p.s. You know you’re in your 30’s when…you take multiple #sockbunselfies and choose the one which minimizes the visibility of your wrinkles the most. True story…