A Family That Braids Together…

Yesterday we went over to Dan’s parents house for a family brunch and of course, I brought Braids, Buns, and Twists! (I’ve taken to carrying it with me everywhere) so all the girls could play. I wish I had snapped a few shots of the finished products (we had a Triple Braid, an Angel Braid, and a Crowning Braid), but this shot of us in action will have to do:

The "Braidy" bunch, as the rest of the family called us

The “Braidy” bunch, as the rest of the family so cleverly nicknamed us

Dan's 9 year-old niece Eve working on her braiding skills.

Dan’s 9 year-old niece Eve practicing her braiding skills on me. After this Simple Braid, she did an amazing Triple Braid (which is a braid made out of 3 smaller braids) on me, which I regret not taking a photo of because it came out pretty awesome. 




January’s Lent: Braids, Buns, and Twists—Oh, My!

If you’ve seen me in person lately you’ve probably noticed that I’m rocking about 500 feet of long, blonde hair—like the true boho yogini that I am at heart. I’ve been growing it out since I cut it short a few years back and keep telling my hair stylist to let me know when it crosses the line from “sun kissed yoga chick” to “Amish escapee”, which she assures me I haven’t reached yet, phew…

With all this hair I have to work with you’d think I’d be a styling pro, but I pretty much just blow it out straight or throw it in a bun. Talk about a wasted opportunity…it’s time this girl learned to “do hair”.

When I was telling a co-worker about an awesome book called, Braids, Buns, and Twists! that I had seen at the Paper Source, she suggested that I make a lent out of it, which I instantly jumped on board with (especially because it gave me an excuse to buy the book, win!).

So, this month I’m choosing 20 (or so) styles from the book and trying my hand at styling my mane. Get ready for some pretty hair pics (and probably a few epic fails). The timing is perfect too because I’m away in Kalamazoo all week for the second tier of my yoga teacher training, which is pretty much the perfect place to be for hair-braiding month, right?

I’ll leave you with a recent win I had: The Pretzel Braid. Not bad, right?

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 5.33.42 PM

Memory #9: Wanderlust, VT

Last June—through a magical chain of events that only the Universe could have lined up—lululemon decided to send me to Wanderlust Vermont, a 4-day yoga and music festival, to be their official blogger. Wait, you guys want to pay me to do yoga all day and write about it? Fine, twist my arm, I’ll go.


For 4 days, I stayed in an amazingly outdated Swiss-style chalet filled to the brim with ladies of luon®, practiced more yoga than I knew was possible from some of the best teachers in the country, went on morning meditation hikes where Garth Stevenson serenaded us with his upright bass, drank kombucha from the tap (might I add, the best kombucha I’ve ever had), hit up the free hair-braiding station (every single day), and spent my evenings writing recaps of the day while drinking Wanderlust branded wine before heading out for the night’s musical entertainment. Wow. And did I mention that the weather was absolutely perfect and that I was getting paid? Yeah, I’d be depressed writing this if I hadn’t already bought my ticket for this year’s festival. One month from today I’ll be in Wanderworld, one of my favorite places of Earth…

Wanna know all the details? You can read my blog posts for lululemon here:

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Morning meditation hike with Garth Stevenson

Morning meditation hike with Garth Stevenson

Free hair braiding

If only I could ever recreate this myself

The best kind of yoga studio

The best kind of yoga studio

That time I saw Ziggy Marley

That time I saw Ziggy Marley