Lent Vacation: Weeks 2 & 3


I thought I’d take a little break from my lent vacation to say hello and catch up before I disappear into the great moving abyss of 2013 (T-Minus 10 days, holy…). Here’s what’s been happening over in my world since I last wrote:

  • I had an awesome time at lululemon’s leadership conference in Vancouver last week. I met tons of amazing ladies and lads of luon from all over, listened to some pretty incredible guest speakers, like davidji and Scott Harrison of Charity Water to name a few, hashed out what my top 5 core values are with the help of my sweet new deck of value cards (for the record they’re: adventure, freedom, creativity, simplicity, and connection), figured out what my “Winning Formula” is (which probably means something totally different than you think it does), and ate lots of delicious local Vancouver-fare while taking in the beautiful views of the water and the mountains—which just so happen to be situated right next to each other. Amazing, eh? You’re a pretty city Vancouver, I’ll be back.
  • After my Canadian adventure, I took the Greyhound down to Seattle where I reunited with my long-lost west coast cousins for some seafood on the pier and some majorly-overdue catch-up and family time. It was so great to see them—and Seattle too, which I had never been to before. I’ll be back for you too, Seattle, you pretty little city, you…
  • Then my amazing cousins were gracious enough to drive me all the way down to Portland, Oregon so I could spend the last leg of my trip visiting one my favorite ladies, Miss Jess Powers (you may remember her from this memory). I had the best time on the beautiful farm she runs with her main-farm-man Brian, and I spent the weekend in good company, slowing down, soaking it all in, and taking a much needed pause—not to mention eating some of the best meals I’ve had all summer. Talk about farm to table…

And now I’m back on the east coast, keeping plenty busy wrapping things up at work, getting psyched about my new store (how awesome is this video they made btw?), planning and packing for the move, making the rounds to visit friends and loved ones, and filling all the moments in between watching this kitten live stream. Thank God for kittens, right?

So that’s what’s going on over here friends. I’ll update as much as I can over the next few weeks, but stay tuned to Twitter and Instagram for more frequent updates between posting.

I’ll leave you with a few shots from my trip:

Vancouver looks a little bit like this...

Vancouver looks a little bit like this…

The leadership conference in a  nutshell

The leadership conference in a nutshell

Pretty, pretty Seattle

You’re a fine looking city, Seattle

This is what greeted me at Working Hands Farm

This is what greeted me at Working Hands Farm

Floatin' down the Yamhill River...

Floatin’ down the Yamhill River…