Reblog: I Will Always Love Marathon Monday

One year later, I remember the post I wrote about last year’s Boston Marathon bombing.


Today was Patriots’ Day here in Boston. Schools and offices were closed to commemorate the first battles of the American Revolution, the Red Sox played their annual Patriots’ Day game at Fenway Park, and 27,000 runners took to the streets to run the world’s oldest and most prestigious marathon:The Boston Marathon. 

I’ve lived in Boston for 11 years, and let me just say that it is absolutely incredible to be here on Marathon Monday. There’s an indescribable energy, a contagious vibe of possibility and inspiration—and usually—a somewhat renewed sense in humanity. To see the dedication, determination, and perseverance that these runners embody never ceases to blow my mind and inflate me with a sense of (probably false) personal limitlessness.

I love Marathon Monday.

This year I woke up extra early and headed over to mile 11 in Natick to join my lululemon crew, where we set up a cheer station outfitted with a DJ, a Gatorade ice luge, signs that said things like“You trained longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage” and lots and lots of neon clothing (Faded Zap to be exact). We came. We danced (15,000 steps worth!). We cheered. And we had one hell of a time. I felt so happy and full of life when we were leaving that I starting writing a Facebook status update that read: “I  Marathon Monday”, when my phone ran out of battery.

Then, moments later, we received news of the tragedy at the finish line and all of our hearts felt infinitely heavier. How quickly this beautiful day of hope and beauty turned into one of loss and tragedy. And so is life, I suppose…

I honestly don’t have words for what happened, but what I do have are full and rich memories of the 2013 Boston Marathon before the horrific events of the day took place. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite images from today so we could all take a moment to focus on the good of the day instead of the evil—and maybe even to offer a little comic relief (could anyone else use some of that right now?)

The first of the wheelchair marathoners to go by, inspiration is an understatement…

The first of the wheelchair marathoners to go by, inspiration is an understatement…



That time Kara Goucher was 2″ from me



The leaders of the men’s pack



Our signs were a big hit



Especially these 2



Erin even put on her pink suit for the occasion

Thank you to all who reached out today to make sure I was ok. Luckily, I was well out of harm’s way and am home safe.

And so much love to 2 of my all-time favorite ladies, Natascia and Marisa, who both crossed the finish line safely (and with damn good times might I add). xoxo times 10,000

Love to you all and to Boston tonight,


Home Sweet Home

Just because I haven’t been writing on here as frequently this month doesn’t mean that I haven’t been following through with my #30daysofwriting challenge. I’ve missed a day here and there, but have still been writing a ton—it just isn’t necessarily the kind of writing that you share (read: journal entires and book reports). I’ve been home in Boston and on the Cape for the past few days though, and in my journal I started a list highlighting my favorite moments of the trip, which I realized would be perfectly sharable for a blog post. So here goes, a list of things I’ve loved about this trip.

  • Breakfast at Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown right when we got in on Friday morning.
  • Taking a long walk around Castle Island with my good friend Amanda and spending the day catching up over mate and fresh juice from Bee’s Knees Supply Company in Fort Point.
  • Getting pizza and wine with some of my favorite friends at one of my favorite spots, Pizzeria Regina.
  • Catching a class at Underground Studios with my teacher Ben on Saturday morning.
  • Having an epic 3.5 hour brunch with some wonderful old friends at Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant in Southie.
  • Checking out the incredible Nick Cave show at the ICA.
  • Stopping by Grammy’s in Brockton and eating my mom’s famous stuffed shells with my family.
  • Going out to breakfast with Dan and my brother at one of my favorite high school spots: Betsy’s Diner in Falmouth
  • Getting a homemade ice cream sandwich at Par-Tee Freeze, my Aunt and Uncle’s ice cream shop, and visiting with one of my best childhood friends Amy, who’s adorably pregnant.
  • Checking out a funny, 300 sq ft tiny house that’s for sale in my home town at the perfect time of day (see photo below).
  • Taking a nice, long beach walk with Dan and my parents this morning and discovering a cluster of abandoned beach chairs in the dunes that we proceeded to use for a little Spring sunbathing.

And we still have a whole day left. How sweet home really is ❤

Brunch with this fine looking bunch

Brunch with this fine looking bunch

My dream house

My dream house

My Dad's first selfie

My Dad’s first selfie, or “salty” as he called it

360 degrees of beauty

Ocean all around

My loot from the beach

My loot from the beach

Memory #12: Lunch at “The Spot”

At the end of my final summer on the Great Point (tear), I left Cape Cod and moved back up to Boston to start my first “real” job as a graphic designer for a company called Neoscape.  I was pretty psyched to have landed a full-time gig right after graduating from college—the economy was much more promising in 2006—but I was also a little nervous. I was coming off 5 summers of hanging out on a boat all day with some of my favorite people, partying at the Irish house, spending all my days off at the beach on Nantucket…and now I was supposed to sit in an office? All day? With a bunch of “working professionals”? Lord give me strength…

Someone up there must have heard my prayers though, because when I got to work on my first day it was nothing like the scary office-land that I had imagined. On that first day, and in the 3 years that followed, I met some of the most fun, creative, inspiring, talented, hilarious, and generally just outstanding people in the world (or at least in my world). We all became instant best friends and  were so inseparable that we even took our lunch break together as a group—almost every single day (in addition to going out for scorpion bowls and to blue grass night at The Cantab after work).

Every once in a while we switched it up, but for the most part, during lunch hour you could find us down at “The Spot”, aka, the lawn of the John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse, which was perfectly situated right on Boston Harbor and featured panoramic views of the entire city. We spent many-a-lunch hours on that lawn, eating, laughing, sunbathing, and having the best conversations—and the best time—ever.

Reunion please?


Oh, “The Spot”…

My best Neoscape gal-pal Amanda and I

Me and my best Neoscape gal-pal Amanda

Love these guys

Love these guys

At our other spot, the ICA

At our other spot, the Institute of Contemporary Art