My Musical Background (Spoiler Alert: I’ve Been to Band Camp)

I’ve been writing this blog for just about 5 years now, and through my 422 posts (this one is #423), I’ve disclosed quite a bit of personal information—so much so that I’m sure those of you who don’t actually know me personally probably feel like you do (especially after 2 months of Memory Lane stories).

That being said, I’m not sure I’ve ever let this little Danne Dzenawagis fun fact slip…are you ready?

I was in the high school marching band.

Yep. I played the piccolo (which I traded in for the flute during concert band season).

And because my high school had a very competitive—and honestly, quite good—marching band, I competed all over the east coast, marching around on football fields with my little piccolo to a highly choreographed and cinema-themed field show (think: West Side Story and Ben Hur) that I spent weeks and weeks each summer learning at—brace yourself—band camp. Uh huh, band camp. I’m that person who’s actually been to band camp. Not just once too, 3 times. Major nerd alert…

While my time in the marching band definitely didn’t earn a favorite life memory write-up last month, I have to say that I did really enjoy playing the flute, which I did from the 3rd grade through the 10th. So yeah, the point of this whole story is to inform you that the ukulele isn’t my first foray into the music world—however it is my first serious attempt at learning a stringed instrument—which feels like a whole new world…

…and speaking of A Whole New World—remember that song from Aladdin?—here’s another Danne fun fact: I had a solo in it when I was in chorus in elementary school, hah! I’ve also sang it countless times as an adult too…at karaoke…because karaoke is a pretty serious guilty pleasure of mine. Did you know that too? Can you handle all these fun facts?

But, back to the ukulele. I have a lot to learn in these last few days…practice makes perfect though, right?

Can you findawagis?

Can you findawagis? I’m really hoping the photographer instructed us not to smile, yikes…