20 Days and Counting

This morning’s mile marked my 20th consecutive day of running. Wait—who am I? This is definitely a first in the book of Danne.

So, how’s it going? Am I liking it? Actually, yes, I feel like I finally found my running groove. The first 2 weeks(ish) consisted of me forcing myself onto the treadmill, slowly jogging while I impatiently watched the little digital screen as it tracked my mileage, but the past few days have been different. I’ve been running—dare I say—more effortlessly (it’s only a mile though, let’s not give me too much credit here), and there have even been a few times that I’ve looked forward to my daily run, or even decided to keep running past a mile. Woah. I may or may not even be considering a 1/2 marathon for 2015. Again, woah.

But for now, I’m 20 for 20 and totally on board to get my runs in for the next 11 days so I can proudly say that I successfully completed “Mile A Day May”.

Has anyone else been running? How’s it going for you?

One and done.

One and done.

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