Creative Routines and Early Rising

Last week I saw this post circling around social media and the title intrigued me enough to click: “Creative Routines”

It presents an infographic of various pie charts detailing the daily routines of 16 historically creative people and allows you a glimpse into their lives and personal rituals. While there are many interesting parallels between the individuals profiled, there was one thing in particular that I was interested in reading about:

When did these people go to bed, and more importantly, when did they wake up in the morning and start their work?

If my calculations are correct, 15 out of 16 were up by 8am, with 13 being awake by 7am, and 10 by 6am—and out of 16 people, 13 began work by 9am.

My point exactly. Looks like there’s something to early rising after all…

Image from

Image from



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