April’s Lent: Be An Early Riser

It’s only April 2nd and I’ve already struck out twice with this challenge. This one’s gonna be a doozy…

This is almost embarrassing to admit, but because of my nonconventional work schedule…I’m in bed until at least 9am most days of the week. Now, those of you with kids will probably tell me to enjoy it while I can, but I think I’ve been enjoying it a little too much, and it’s become almost incomprehensible for me to imagine being awake before 8am, basically ever.

While it’s amazing to be able to get a full 8 hours of sleep 9 out of 10 times, I’m definitely much more productive in the morning v. the evening, so it makes more sense for me to wake up a little earlier to get stuff done right off the bat rather than luxuriating around the house all morning before finally getting myself together sometime in the early afternoon (when, let’s face it, no one is productive).

So, this month I will attempt to become an early—make that, an earlier—riser. Some of you will laugh that this is even any sort of challenge for me, but let me tell you, it most certainly is. Here’s what I’m shooting for:

  • Be out of bed by 8am every day, preferably earlier, but I’ll start with 8 to ease myself into it.
  • I can only hit snooze once, then I’m up.
  • I will allow myself one cheat day a week to sleep in.
  • No lounging around in bed in the morning while checking email and various social media sites on my phone. I’ve somehow convinced myself that it’s a good way to help me wake up, but all it really does is prolong getting my day started with a useless activity.

And like I mentioned earlier, we’re only 2 days into the month and I’m already failing miserably. Yesterday morning I consciously decided to stay in bed even though I had set a firm intention not to, and today I somehow slept through my alarm (which I blame on the totally weird dream I was having).

But, tomorrow is a new day—as always. I’ll get the hang of this, it’s just gonna take me a minute…

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