Truly Cultivating Gratitude

As easy as it is to take a few minutes each day to jot down what I honor and appreciate in my life, there have been a few days this month when I either forgot to write in my gratitude journal, or I consciously decided to put it off and play catch up later on. While there are certainly no rules to keeping a gratitude journal, I’ve personally noticed a big difference between briefly recalling something I was grateful for a few days ago, and actually taking a few, silent moments to feel the gratitude, to focus on it, to sit with it.

Gratitude can be defined as feeling warmly and deeply appreciate of something, and for me the key word in that sentence is “feel”. To say you’re grateful is almost meaningless, but to truly feel gratitude is what’s essential. 

My teacher Karina posted a video a few months back about cultivating contentment, which she refers to as being “the other side of the same coin as gratitude”. Since the exercise she outlines in the video pairs nicely with the act of keeping a physical journal, I’ve decided to incorporate it into my daily gratitude practice for the remainder of the challenge.

Have 3 minutes to spare? Try it yourself:



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