A Week of Gratitude, In Pictures

Well, I was right. It was almost too easy to find things to be grateful for last week while I was away in Puerto Rico. I could go on and on about how lovely it was to escape the polar vortex—even if just for a week, but since every entry in last week’s gratitude journal was accompanied by a visual, I thought I’d share my gratitude in photo form. So…

Last week, I was grateful for…

#1: A view like this, only steps away from our hotel room:


#2: Being able to spend Valentine’s Day sunbathing and tropical cocktail drinking on the beach with this guy:


#3: Simply put, to be by the sea:


#4: Having a view like this from dinner in the middle of winter:


#5: The chance to experience a beautiful rain shower in a tropical rainforest:


#6: This being the first thing I saw when walking out the door one morning:


#6: This being the first thing I saw when walking out the door one morning:


#7: Checking surfing off my bucket list—and I might add that I was actually kind of good at it…for a newbie:


If you can’t tell, I had an awesome week. When Dan and I were at the airpot, dreading getting on a flight leading to much colder temperatures, instead of complaining about how bummed we were that vacation was over, we decided to shift gears and focus on what we were grateful to come home to instead. Reentry into your regular day-to-day life is never easy after a week off, but gratitude helped to remind us that there’s always plenty to look forward to.

And now I’m back, with a week left of my gratitude challenge. February, you short little month you…

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