This Is Going To Be A Good Week For Gratitude

There’s lots to be grateful for this week:

  • Monday: Pen pals. Remember those? My old lulu pal Carly and I decided to become pen pals when she moved down to North Carolina for school and I moved out here to Ann Arbor and it’s been really fun. As convenient as text messages and emails are, nothing beats opening your mailbox to find a handwritten letter from a friend.
  • Tuesday: After spending $239 out of pocket (gulp) on Fanne’s insulin, I tried to shift my perspective to gratitude, so I focused on being grateful that insulin exists in the first place and that it keeps my little furbaby happy and healthy. Then I also decided (read: forced myself) to feel grateful that I earned 239 miles on my Delta Skymiles Amex card because of the aforementioned insulin purchase. It was kind of a stretch, but I tried really hard to believe it…
  • Wednesday: That this is my weather forecast for the next few days. Did I mention that I’m going to Puerto Rico? Sayonara winter! Dan’s cousin is getting married and decided to do it destination style and I couldn’t be happier to head down to Rio Grande for a week—especially because of the miserable weather that we’ve been experiencing here in the midwest this winter. I’m also incredibly grateful that a coworker offered to kitty-sit while we’re away so I won’t have to board Fanne and worry about her being locked in a cage all week. Sighs of relief all around…


I’ve decided to leave my computer at home for the week but expect some sunshine inspired gratitude via Instagram and Twitter while I’m away. I do have a WordPress app on my phone too so maybe I can sneak a post in while I’m sunbathing—maybe.


2 thoughts on “This Is Going To Be A Good Week For Gratitude

  1. Ooooh, I went to Puerto Rico (for the 2nd time) last June for 9 days and it was heaven. Especially with this polar vortex plaguing us all winter, I know you’re going to have a great time:)

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