“Type A” Gratitude

I think I’m getting a little too “Type A” about my gratitude journal. Here’s a list of thoughts that have already gone through my mind this week:

  • “Should I organize the things I’m grateful for into categories and go through them one by one?”
  • “I wonder if I should record the big things first and then move on to the smaller day to day ones?”
  • After thinking about something that I felt grateful for: “Wait, is that good enough to be grateful for? Maybe I should think of something better.”
  • “I should probably go back and take a photo so my gratitude journal looks cooler…”

Rein it in, Dzenawagis. How about you stop trying to create such a rigid framework and just write down whatever comes to mind—even if it isn’t “good enough” and even if you forgot to snap a “cool” picture of it—because that’s what’s going to be the most authentic. Gratitude is gratitude.

So here’s my unedited list of things that I’m grateful for this week:

  • Monday: Having an unconventional work schedule that allows me to stay in bed until at least 9am 5 days this week (sorry, am I rubbing it in?)
  • Tuesday: Living downtown and within walking distance of really cool cafés, shops, restaurants & bars
  • Wednesday: Working for a company that truly values and encourages my physical and mental wellbeing (and not to mention my goals)
  • Thursday: Yin yoga. If you’ve never been you’re really missing out, it’s the best.

Anyone else? What are you grateful for this week?

One thought on ““Type A” Gratitude

  1. I love this month’s lent! I’m a fan of the Happier app, myself. I could probably put down yin yoga every day. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.

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