February’s Lent: The Gratitude Journal

This winter has been making me really cranky. It’s bitterly cold—we’re talking temps consistently in the negatives, we’ve had more days with snowfall than without (literally), the roads are a mess, my leather boots are a mess, the air is dry, my skin is dry, and because of all of this, cabin fever has become a permanent state of being. Have I mentioned before that my mom was this close to naming me Summer? Clearly I’m not built for this…

My crappy attitude got me thinking though…shouldn’t I be grateful that I have an apartment to go home to at all—and a really ‘effing nice apartment, at that? Some people are homeless in this weather. And shouldn’t I also be grateful that my really ‘effing nice apartment has central heating? My grandmother came from a family of 9 and the only heat in their entire house came from a cast iron stove in the kitchen. She used to huddle in a bed with her siblings to keep warm at night and I’m somehow finding a way to complain about spending less than 2 minutes “braving” the cold in between walking from one centrally heated, indoor location to another. Wow. Sounds like someone needs a reality check.

Or…a gratitude journal.

I’ve read many times about the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal (better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness, more happiness and feelings of optimism and life satisfaction) but I’ve never actually committed to making it a practice in my own life. No better time than the present though, right?

So I poked around on the internet a little bit to see if there were any good tips and tricks for keeping a gratitude journal and I stumbled on a Gratitude Journal App from Happy Tapper that I think will be a fun way to record my daily gratitude. What I like about the app is that it lets you add pictures, location, weather, and quotes to your entries, and you can view it in list or calendar mode so it’s easy to scroll through and reread your previous entries. Cool, huh?

Anyone want to join me? I’d love to see what everyone else is grateful for this month too 🙂

This lovely image comes from fellowfellow.com

This lovely image comes from fellowfellow.com


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