A Family That Braids Together…

Yesterday we went over to Dan’s parents house for a family brunch and of course, I brought Braids, Buns, and Twists! (I’ve taken to carrying it with me everywhere) so all the girls could play. I wish I had snapped a few shots of the finished products (we had a Triple Braid, an Angel Braid, and a Crowning Braid), but this shot of us in action will have to do:

The "Braidy" bunch, as the rest of the family called us

The “Braidy” bunch, as the rest of the family so cleverly nicknamed us

Dan's 9 year-old niece Eve working on her braiding skills.

Dan’s 9 year-old niece Eve practicing her braiding skills on me. After this Simple Braid, she did an amazing Triple Braid (which is a braid made out of 3 smaller braids) on me, which I regret not taking a photo of because it came out pretty awesome. 



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