“Rut Roh”

In the words of Astro, the dog from The Jetsons, “Rut roh”. Traveling did indeed throw a bit of a wrench in keeping up with my holiday survival guide and it looks like even if I meditate, practice yoga nidra, and get one more asana class in there, I’m still going to come up a little short this week. What can you do? I will say that I did do pretty well overall (and for the record, that cute little jacket did not go on my credit card), and since I’m in the middle of a little vacation my stress levels are pretty low, so at least there’s that. Plus, this was the view from my walk today, and man oh man, the ocean has a magical way of washing away any tension you might be holding onto. How does it do that?


My favorite kind of swalk


And I’ve officially been reunited with Fanne after over 3 months apart so that’s a pretty big spirit lift right there. A little kitty love is just what I need to get me through the holidays. I mean, look at that face?

New hashtag: #selfieswithfanne

New hashtag: #selfieswithfanne


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