Today’s Intention: Eat More Kale!

You guys know what today is, right? You’d be right if you said Tuesday, October 2nd, but the answer I’m looking for is…drumroll please…National Kale Day! You read that right, kale has a day—well, almost. The good people at have banded together to form a movement to make the first wednesday in October National Kale Day. From their website:

“We propose that National Kale Day will be the first Wednesday in October and will continue to be an annual celebration of eating, growing, and sharing kale through out America.”

Sounds like a good idea to me, they certainly got my signature on the petition.

So today, on (proposed) National Kale Day, my daily intention is to live up to the bumper sticker that’s on my car and “Eat More Kale”.  Who’s with me?!


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