My First 5 Intentions

I may have written the introductory “Intention Journal” blog post last night, but I’ve been logging my intentions for the past few days—I just couldn’t seem to find a spare half hour to get that first post together, it’s a busy time over here in Wagis-World. Now that we’re up and running though, let me share what I’ve recorded so far:

9.12.13: Take Action.

9.13.13: Allow myself time to prepare. Get a good night’s sleep.

9.14.13: Be confident. Be vulnerable (can you tell this was inspired by my first day of yoga teacher training?).

9.15.13: Replace a negative thought with a positive one.

9.16.13: Practice (this is the key word here) vairagya: detachment, stepping back and letting go of that which does not serve me.

Are any of these resonating with you too? What was your intention for the day?

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