Summer Dog Days = Danne Brain Haze

We’re officially in the dog days of summer (my absolute favorite time of year), and although I’m technically a December baby, I’m a summer girl at heart—and for the record, my mom was this close to naming me Summer. This close…

So, what I’m getting at here is that it’s about that time of year where I literally have to force myself to do anything besides go to the beach and drink Sam Summer on the back porch. I’m not really exaggerating either. Maybe I’m just too hot, maybe I’m just burnt out (literally), but by the time August rolls around I’m kind of out. Call me Italian, but can’t we all just take the whole month off?

Welcome to the current state of Danne affairs.

Because my hazy-summer brain has officially taken over, I have fallen behind with just about everything: emails, keeping up with my various social media accounts, returning phone calls—and even text messages (because it takes so much effort to send a text), following through with any request that anyone makes of me that isn’t going to the beach, trip planning (more on that later), packing (more on that too), and of course…ukulele playing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been practicing my little Uke…just not enough to reach my BHAG of the month. But then again—wasn’t it a pretty tall order for a total newbie to learn how to play an entire song and sing along to it in only a few weeks? I think so. But that could just be my hedonistic alter-ego “Summer” talking. She’s really good at letting me off the hook and rationalizing ditching responsibilities in favor of a good time. What a bad influence…

In any case, here’s what I can report: I did indeed learn to play the ukulele…and I actually caught on much quicker than I thought I would. I’m certainly no Don Ho, but I know a bunch of chords, I somehow have the drive to practice until I “get it” instead of being discouraged and giving up right away (the norm), and I ditched learning how to play Umbrella right off the bat when I rediscovered my favorite pop song ever: Adam Lamber’s “Whataya Want from Me”, and I’m actually pretty close to making it sound like a real song.

So…Whataya Want from Me? Video proof? I can work on that…right when I get back from the beach of course, because that’s where I’m headed the second this posts. 

Oh, and I’ll disclose the details on August’s lent tomorrow…probably…

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