My Ukulele Hero

A few Fridays ago, Dan and I were flipping through the channels and stumbled on a documentary called “Life on Four Strings” about ukulele phenomenon Jake Shimabukuro, aka, my new ukulele hero. It was amazing enough to me that there was a ukulele documentary on in the first place (anyone else think it’s a sign?), but holy crap, this guy is unreal. He has such a great story, he seems like the nicest, sweetest, most humble person, and omg—can he play the uke…

Here’s his famous rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” as proof (Tip: It starts to get ridiculous at about the 3 minute mark):

Incredible, right? Love.

And in other coincidental ukulele news, the drum shop in my hometown was randomly having a “Ukulele Sale” this  past weekend (what the…), and a café a few doors down had a sign in their window for “The Barnstable Ukulele Club”. Seriously, what’s going on here? Is the universe trying to tell me something or is the ukulele the latest and greatest hipster trend that I’m the last one to know about? I’m always the last one to know…

Either way, I’m into it. I’ve got the #ukulelefever

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