Ukulele Lovin’ Week 1

Here’s week 1’s ukulele update:

  • As I wrote about in my last post, I purchased a pretty pink uke which should be arriving in the mail later this week. My Aquila strings came today and “Pinkelele”—the winning ukulele name (thanks Yoon!)—is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, woohoo!
  • I downloaded an awesome app called Learning Ukulele in 7 Days that I’ve been loving. Not only does it go through the chords one by one, but it teaches you songs and strumming patterns, it has a tuner, and it gives you fun ukulele facts like this one: “The ukulele was brought to Hawaii by a Portuguese immigrant named Joao Fernandez in 1879. He came from Madeira and brought a cavaquinho, a small guitar-like Portuguese instrument to the island. Portuguese immigrants were the first ukulele makers.” Who knew?
  • I’ve got the C and G chords down, and spent the majority of last night poorly playing “Hush Little Baby”. Tonight’s lesson highlights the G7 chord and my 3rd song: “La Paloma”.
  • And if you missed it on Facebook and Twitter, I was featured on The #ukulele Daily on Saturday (scroll down to the bottom), YES!

The verdict for this challenge so far? A+. I’m really loving learning this fun little instrument and I’m picking up on it more quickly than I thought I would.

Now onwards and upwards to the G7 chord…




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