On My Way to Becoming a Ukulady

Because I live with a musician, there’s already a ukulele in the house for me to learn on—not to mention a guitar (acoustic and electric), a bass, a mandolin, a banjo,  an accordion, a keyboard, a harmonica, 2 flutes, a piccolo, and a trumpet—but one thing at a time here…

Even though I don’t actually need a ukulele of my own, I feel like because I’m devoting so much time to playing it this month that I should have my own, right? That’s what I thought too, so I went ahead and ordered this baby today which should be coming in the mail sometime next week:

roseI’m officially on my way to becoming a ukulady. YES. Now the question is what to name my little ukubaby…any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “On My Way to Becoming a Ukulady

    • I LOVED Happy Days when I was little (and everything else on Nick at Nite). I’ve also had “Pinkelele” as a name suggestion—which I’m surprised I didn’t think of myself.

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