Memory #19: Brother Laughs

The first time I brought my boyfriend Dan down to the Cape to meet my family, I was feeling the regular case of nerves that comes along with introducing your new BF to your fam. While we’re all nice people and I knew that realistically things would go off without a hitch, I couldn’t help but feel a little anxious anticipation about the whole Meet the Dzenawagis’ weekend that we had ahead of us.

We headed down from Boston on a Friday night and crossed the bridge a little later than expected, arriving at my parents house long after they had gone to sleep. As we tip-toed upstairs to the guest room, I realized that my little brother Sean was still awake (being a typical night owl teenager), and figured that we might as well get one family intro out of the way, so we knocked on his door for a little late night meet and greet.

I’ll briefly interject to say that when Sean and I were growing up together, I made a conscious decision when he was very young to instill my extreme sense of sarcasm and dry/dark humor in him. While it probably wasn’t appropriate to teach a 10-year-old dead baby jokes, he caught on to my offensive humor immediately and because of it, he became the funniest little kid around.

So anyways, Sean happened to be having a sleepover with his friend Alex that night, and after the 4 of us got all the “nice to meet you” formalities and small talk out of the way, we headed down to the living room to chat. Within about 25 seconds, any nervous apprehension I had about how my brother and Dan would get along went out of the window, because the two of them instantly hit it off and were laughing like long lost BFFs. Win! In fact, all of us were laughing that night—like, rolling on the floor, trying not to pee your pants laughing, for hours and hours until we decided to head up to bed because our stomachs couldn’t possibly take another laughing fit. 

Well that was easy…

I don’t even remember what we were laughing so hard about, but what I do remember about that night is feeling grateful for easy introductions, hysterical laughter, and a cool little brother who knew how to hang.

Me and my bro at a Red Sox game last summer

Me and my bro at a Red Sox game last summer

Dan, Sean, and my dad dancing together at Sondra's wedding last Fall

Dan, Sean, and my dad dancing together at Sondra’s wedding last Fall



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