Memory #17: Being My Bestie’s Maid of Honor

Last September I had the honor of being the Maid of Honor in my best friend Sondra’s wedding. Sondra and I grew up across the street from each other and have been friends since we were teeny little things—we’re talkin’ 25+ years—which is a long time for 2 people who haven’t even hit 30 yet. She was literally the first friend I ever made, and amazingly enough, our friendship has endured every single phase of our lives and we’ve stayed besties through it all. Awww…

When her boyfriend/now husband, Tony (whom I love and fully give my BFF stamp of approval to) popped the question and she called to tell me the news, I cried…and when she proceeded to ask me to be her Maid of Honor…I cried again—and of course said yes.

While being a MOH certainly comes with its fair share of responsibilities and stresses, it’s honestly such a beautiful and meaningful experience to be a part of—especially when you’re sharing it with someone whom you consider to be more of a sister than a friend.

From the engagement, to the bridal shower, to the bachelorette party, to the wedding ceremony, to the reception, the whole experience is composed of about a million mini-memories that I’ll always look back on with a happy heart (like the time on the morning of the ceremony when we walked aimlessly around the make-up aisle at CVS forever—with fancy up-dos mind you—trying to figure out what the hell we were supposed to buy because neither of us owned any make-up, or how at the reception Tony and Sondra snuck one of Dan’s songs on the playlist and I found myself slow dancing with him next to my parents while his song Young Lovers played, or just how awesome it was in general to be surrounded by so many of my closest friends, my parents, and especially my brother—whose first wedding it was).

and I could go on, and on, and on…

Thanks for the memories bestie (and for not being a bridezilla, phew…) xoxo

d+s3 2

Photography by Kendall Pavan:


We made these bouquets ourselves too, just sayin’…


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