Memory #6: Summers on the Great Point

My summer job all through college was tending bar in the first class lounge on a 900-passenger ferry called the Great Point. For 11 hours a day, I served cocktails and cheese platters to tourists on their way from Hyannis to Nantucket and it was totally amazing—the absolute best summer job ever. I basically spent 5 glorious summers sailing the beautiful waters of Nantucket Sound, flirting with hot European deckhands who were on Cape to work for the summer, reading as many books as possible during the slow trips (one summer I polished off 19), and going to wild parties that the Irish kids threw at their house—there was always an Irish house and they always had the best parties. It was awesome.

There are way too many individual memories to write about, but I’ll share a few photos to paint the picture for you (although sadly, I don’t have any photos from before the summer of ’04, I don’t think I had a digital camera before then haha). To all my GP friends who might be reading this: I’d love for you to comment and tell me your favorite memories from the boat (this especially means you Kim Cameron).

My beloved Great Point

My beloved Great Point

The door to the first class lounge, I may or may not have unscrewed that sign and taken it home with me on my last day working

The door to the first class lounge. I may or may not have unscrewed that sign and taken it home with me on my last day of work. 

My home away from homeMy home away from home

The GP crew in 2005

The GP crew in 2005

Irish party, summer of '04

Party at the Irish house, summer of ’04

A rough morning after followed this night. Being hungover on a boat is about as fun as it sounds.

A rough morning after followed this night: Being hungover on a boat is about as fun as it sounds.

"Irish Tea Parties" with Marek, Jenny, and Cathal. Read: Drinking Whiskey from tea cups

“Irish Tea Parties” with Marek, Jenny, and Cathal. Read: Drinking Whiskey from tea cups

Do I even need a caption?

Do this even need a caption?

Seriously, those were the days…

5 thoughts on “Memory #6: Summers on the Great Point

  1. my favorite memory was adam lynch’s butt when he would put the first class ramp down. the random dog attack. the free snacks. reggie critiquing everything. and counting how many couples did the titanic thing. and of course, the ridiculous irish kid’s parties. like that one where they all spontaneously broke into “fields of gold” while holding each other. and how one of their houses only had powdered brown gravy and lots and lots of empty beer boxes.

  2. UGH SO MANY. I miss HyLine and want to go back now.

    Ummm, obviously as you already mentioned on Facebook, Danne, our layover excursions and the time I dropped my double vodka all over Straight Wharf. There was also the time I dropped a water balloon in the direction of one of the Irish guys manning the gangway but hadn’t realized until I let go that they had started boarding early. I missed a passenger by centimeters.

    Definitely the dog attack; also, Meghan, remember when I didn’t know what pepper jack cheese was for half a summer? Or the time that kid projectile vomited all over First Class and we had to stay late and you edited my overtime request form to better reflect the situation? AND LAURA, DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER LAURA? BREAKDOWN ON TOP DECK.

    Strip poker/spin the bottle that year there were randomly those super hot American deckhands in addition to the usual Europeans (Danne, I think this one pre-dated you, it was the summer after my Freshman year).

    Making up disgusting drink specials like a teenager would, and having the blender permanantly broken.

    Our increasingly clever and artisitic tip jar signs. I wish I had saved some of those.

    Buying all the disposable cameras in the Gifts bar to document our awesome lives. Sometimes not buying them.

    Getting drink bracelets from the over-21s at the Blue Room.

    Driving the Great Point, jumping off the Brant Point.

    In the days of the pre-full-First-Class uniform when we just had to wear black bottoms with the white shirt and I basically created my own uniform out of casual yoga wear and cocktail dresses for 2 months.

    That effing vacuum that didn’t vaccum.

    Swinging by the Irish houses on the way in to work to wake the deckhands up from the night before.

    Bedazzling the chemical goggles I found in the luggage room one particularly slow trip.

    Going to breakfast on Main St. with the crew on days trips would be canceled because of high seas.

    Art being the greatest ever.

    Any time I’d step out of the lounge only to get doused with a hose mid-trip and then have to serve confused passengers while dripping wet.

    Making out in the walk-in freezer.

    Screaming from the stern for Adam or Jeremy to check out for the night.

    Foxy 4 with Emily/Rosie/Jennie.

    Just standing around on the gangway with giant cheese platters waiting to work the pm shift. Also working those amazing booze cruises on the Prudence/Patience after an 11-hour ferry shift and being so, so happy to have the best summer job ever. Seriously I would pick up extra shifts on my days off and voluntarily work triples, not because I wanted money but because I seriously loved being at that job all the time. Pathetic or awesome?

    • I think I’ve read your list of amazingness about 300 times Kim. Omg. If the Great Point still makes trips we might have to take a joy ride this summer. I can’t even handle it…

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