Memory #5: Presents from Mum

Because I was 10 when my brother was born, I spent a good chunk of my childhood as an only child—what this means is that there was a whole decade of my life where I was spoiled by my parents and didn’t have to share anything with anyone, ever. Oh, the good ol’ days (just kidding Sean, you’re the best).

One of my favorite memories in the-land-before-Sean was when I was little and my mom was working nights as a hairdresser. My dad would make us dinner and get me ready for bed, but I always wanted to wait up for my mom to get home. Not only was I excited to see her (I thought she had the coolest job ever and wanted to be just like her when I grew up), but she always brought me home little presents —almost every single night as I remember it—and it was the best thing ever to look forward to. I fell asleep on those nights thinking I was the luckiest little girl in the whole world with the coolest mom ever—and I was totally right.

Thanks, Mummy. See, I remember things xoxo

Me & Mum putting on make-up

Me & Mum putting on make-up

2 thoughts on “Memory #5: Presents from Mum

  1. Hi Danne It,s me Mom.What a nice way to make my Mothers Day! I think I got the best gift though.After working hard most nights,I used to get closer to the house,wondering if you would be at the window waiting and sure enough,most nights there was my little Danne waiting for me.I loved that. Dad was asleep but not you..You were such a cool little kid and now an even cooler adult. I love you thanks for remembering.,

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