Memory #3: Silverchair at India Point Park

When I was in high school, I was obsessed—like, obsessed—with Silverchair, an Australian rock band that you’ve probably never heard of because they weren’t nearly as popular in the US as they were down under (one of my other obsessions was purposely being into things that no one else was into). I spent the majority of 1997-2000 listening to their CDs on repeat (no, really) and miraculously, in 1999, they posted their tour dates and there was one listed for a free show at India Point Park in Providence, Rhode Island. OMG.

I had never been to a concert before, nor was I even old enough to drive a car, but clearly this was the most important event of my life to date, so my friends and I got to work on our parents to see who we could con into bringing us. Amazingly, my friend Meghan’s dad obliged, and on May 27th, 1999, me, Meghan, and our friends Jess and Suzanne piled in Meghan’s dad’s car and hit the road to see “the chair” in real life.

It was the best day ever. The show was outside at a park and the weather was glorious—it literally could not have been a nicer day. I forget if we just got there super early or what, but somehow we managed to squeeze our way into the front row, where we stayed for the duration of the show. My first concert ever, my favorite band, front row, sunny skies, with my best friends, for free? Yeah, it totally blew my 15-year-old mind. Oh, and did I mention that Meghan’s dad got a hotel room to hang out at while we were at the show and it just so happened to be in the same hotel that Silverchair was staying at? You’d better believe we were those stalker girls who camped out outside their room after the show, listening to their muffled Australian accents with our ears pressed against the door. Sigh…

Here’s a quote from my journal entry that day that I just dug up:

“Oh my God. I just got back from the most wonderful experience of my whole entire life. I saw Silverchair in Providence, Rhode Island. Not only did I see them, but I was in the very front row. They were so close it was unreal. The whole car ride home I had this feeling of just pure bliss. Pure happiness.”

And the entry goes on, and on, and on…


The cover of my Silverchair scrapbook, oh boy…

The best pic of the bunch

The best pic of the bunch

The note my dad left me the morning of, awww...

The note my dad left me the morning of, awww…


4 thoughts on “Memory #3: Silverchair at India Point Park

  1. Hey, I found this page through Google. Just wanted to say hello from a fellow Silverchair nut. I was there too, and it was my first of six times seeing them. I saw them tour for both Diorama and Young Modern, and they just kept getting better. Got to go on stage with Daniel Johns in Cleveland in 2007 🙂 Ah, memories, huh?

    • Ha, glad you found my post Paul. That’s cool we were at the same show in Providence, I think I ended up seeing Silverchair 3 times in total. I stopped keeping up with them after Diorama (which I loved, btw) but it looks like they’re still making music which is cool. That India Point Park show is still probably my favorite concert of all time though, as a 15-year old at her first concert it was a pretty magical experience…

  2. Haha wow so weird I was right up there with the screaming teenies OMG that day will never be forgotten lol Ive been a huge fan of the chair sinve frogstomp. And I still love all their music and some of the new stuff daniel has out. Quite diff than old grunge music but iys diff now that were all older. Weird thing about this all is Ive been relistining to diorama cause ive been going thru so much latly. And all his words in each song are helpping thru my problems, what 10 15 years later lol.

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