Memory #2: Castello Il Palagio

The summer between our junior and senior year of college, my friend Jocelyn and I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. While I could list about 45,000 favorite memories from the experience, the one that really stands out to me is the time we went to Castello Il Palagio.

The school we studied at, Lorenzo de’ Medici, offered tons of day and weekend trips that Jocelyn and I loved taking advantage of. Our weekends in Rome and Venice were perfect and wonderful in their own right, but the day trip we took out to Castello Il Palagio for a wine and olive oil tasting definitely gave me one of those “holy crap, is this really my life?” moments.

The setting was idyllic: a medieval castle in the Chianti countryside set among vineyards and olive groves, surrounded by cypress trees dotting the Tuscan landscape. As if taking in the scenery wasn’t magical enough, we were offered sample after sample of local Chianti in the beautiful castle courtyard, which was served with the most perfectly toasted crostini that was absolutely drenched in olive oil that was fresh off the press.

Omg, bring me back…

My Italy roommates and I from left to right: Me (during my brief stint as a brunette), Leah, Ashley, and Jocelyn


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