Reader Submissions for Favorite Memories

After chatting with one of my besties Jocelyn today (you’ll meet her in a favorite memory this month for sure), I think I figured out how I’d like to handle favorite memory submissions from you guys this month. If you’re interested in sending one (or more) along, here are the deets:

To give some sort of rhyme and reason to it all, I’m going to have one post a week dedicated to readers’ memories (that’s you!). Each week will have a theme and I’ll post all submissions that I receive for that theme (unless I deem them to be wildly inappropriate…or, on second thought…) within the post. I tried to keep the themes pretty general, what do you think?

Theme #1: Favorite memory from childhood/young adulthood

Theme #2: Favorite family memory

Theme #3: Favorite love memory (it doesn’t have to be romantic)

Theme #4: Favorite vacation/trip/travel memory

I encourage all of you to send me memories—if my inbox is blowing up from this I’ll be one happy blogger. Send your mems to and include which theme your memory falls under, your name as you’d like to to appear, and your location. The more the merrier—seri, send away!

…and tomorrow I’ll officially start with my memories, I promise. I was just trying to get this all sorted out beforehand.


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