I Will Always Love Marathon Monday

Today was Patriots’ Day here in Boston. Schools and offices were closed to commemorate the first battles of the American Revolution, the Red Sox played their annual Patriots’ Day game at Fenway Park, and 27,000 runners took to the streets to run the world’s oldest and most prestigious marathon: The Boston Marathon. 

I’ve lived in Boston for 11 years, and let me just say that it is absolutely incredible to be here on Marathon Monday. There’s an indescribable energy, a contagious vibe of possibility and inspiration—and usually—a somewhat renewed sense in humanity. To see the dedication, determination, and perseverance that these runners embody never ceases to blow my mind and inflate me with a sense of (probably false) personal limitlessness.

I love Marathon Monday.

This year I woke up extra early and headed over to mile 11 in Natick to join my lululemon crew, where we set up a cheer station outfitted with a DJ, a Gatorade ice luge, signs that said things like “You trained longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage” and lots and lots of neon clothing (Faded Zap to be exact). We came. We danced (15,000 steps worth!). We cheered. And we had one hell of a time. I felt so happy and full of life when we were leaving that I starting writing a Facebook status update that read: “I ❤ Marathon Monday”, when my phone ran out of battery.

Then, moments later, we received news of the tragedy at the finish line and all of our hearts felt infinitely heavier. How quickly this beautiful day of hope and beauty turned into one of loss and tragedy. And so is life, I suppose…

I honestly don’t have words for what happened, but what I do have are full and rich memories of the 2013 Boston Marathon before the horrific events of the day took place. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite images from today so we could all take a moment to focus on the good of the day instad of the evil—and maybe even to offer a little comic relief (could anyone else use some of that right now?)


The first of the wheelchair marathoners to go by, inspiration is an understatement…

That time Kara Goucher was 2″ from me


The leaders of the men’s pack


Our signs were a big hit


Especially these 2


Erin even put on her pink suit for the occasion

Thank you to all who reached out today to make sure I was ok. Luckily, I was well out of harm’s way and am home safe.

And so much love to 2 of my all-time favorite ladies, Natascia and Marisa, who both crossed the finish line safely (and with damn good times might I add). xoxo times 10,000

Love to you all and to Boston tonight,

One thought on “I Will Always Love Marathon Monday

  1. So sad to hear the news today. I am a runner as well and a few years ago, qualified to run Boston. It wasn’t in the cards for me to run it that year, but I always wish I had, and I will someday! Such an inspirational run and for something to trajic to happen, really sunk my heart. Glad to hear you and your friends are ok. And thanks for the pictures and keeping us focused on the positive, happy, exciting moments that still happened in Boston on race day! Boston is in Canada’s thoughts. Take Care

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