10,000 Steps: Week 1 Recap

A little recap of the first week of my 10,000 Steps challenge:

Wednesday 4/3: 6,858 steps (this day I was measuring my regular steps on an average “active” day).

Thursday 4/4: 2,975 steps (this day I was measuring my regular steps on an average “inactive” day).

Friday 4/5: 10,116 steps. My first official day trying to hit 10,000 and I did it! A walk through Harvard Square helped, as did an evening vinyasa yoga class.

Saturday 4/6: 10,377 steps. Sooo this was a day that I thought I’d easily hit 10,000 steps. A busy Saturday working retail—no problem, right? Wrong! After my shift, I was only at 3,500 steps or so, so I did a few laps around the mall before heading home and then literally ran around my house from 10-11pm trying to hit 10,000, which I eventually did. 

Sunday 4/7: 3,739 steps. Eek. I thought I’d easily hit 10,000 this day too—especially since I was helping a friend move, and moving = steps, right? Wrong again. We unloaded the truck to her first floor apartment in record time and I spent the evening drinking beer and eating food. Step fail, fun win. 

Monday 4/8: 13,740 steps. Win! Glorious weather + long walks = step success.

Tuesday 4/9: It’s 4pm and I’m already at 16,273 steps. B-A-M. Again, glorious weather + a really long walk with a friend = so many steps. 

I think I’ve got the hang of this 10,000 steps business. The secret seems to be making the effort to actually go for a walk. Even on my busiest days at work, I don’t seem to hit 10,000 steps on my own, so to hit my goal I’m going to need to put in a little extra effort.

Luckily Spring is in full effect here (which is kind of shocking since Spring is usually kind of nasty and rainy in New England) so I’m loving any excuse to be outside. I picked a good month for a fitness challenge…


My pedometer comes with software that records and charts my steps for me, cool right?



Swalking (speed walking, that is) with my friend Lauren by the Charles River today.


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