Regular Steppin’

To kick this challenge off, I thought it would be a good idea to measure my regular steppin’—how many steps I take on an average day without trying to hit the 10,000 mark. Yesterday I had a pretty typical day at work and I went to a yoga class (which is also pretty typical for me). By the time I took my pedometer off at bedtime I had logged 6,858 steps. Not bad, right?

Today however, I had a not-so-typical day—meaning I was sitting down for most of the day at work and I didn’t make it to yoga (traffic’s fault, not mine). At 7pm I’m a little sad to admit that I’ve only clocked 2,779 steps for the entire day—and I’m not really anticipating much physical activity for the remainder of the evening. 

So, my learning is that on a typical work day it won’t be too hard to hit 10,000 steps. Since about 2,000-2,500 steps is a mile, all I’ll really have to do is take a walk or go for a run to break even. On my not-so-typical days though, it’s going to be a little more work. 

Thank God Spring is starting to show it’s face in New England, #hellodailywalks…

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