The Food Pyramid v. The Food Companies v. Danne

I’m confused…

A package of store bought bagels says a serving size is one bagel…but the resources I’ve been consulting say that’s only true if the bagel is the size of a hockey puck (can you find a bagel that small anywhere? Mission impossible). Same for the frozen pasta meal I had from Trader Joe’s today. The serving size read 1 package, but I’d estimate there were 1.5 cups of pasta in it, and I know a serving size of pasta to only be half a cup.

So why the discrepancy? Why would a food be labeled as 1 serving size when it’s actually 3?

Then there’s the traditional Food Pyramid that says I should eat 6-11 servings of grains a day. Great news! Not so fast…then I go to and it tells me that based on my age, sex, and general activity, that I should eat only eat 7oz. of grains a day. How the hell do I measure an ounce of bread? Is it just me, or does 7oz. sounds like a lot less than 11 servings?

No wonder we’re all overweight, this s**t is confusing. 

It’s time for an intervention: Nutrition friends, can I get some help here? Who has a legitimate resource for me to trust? Would anyone who’s knowledgable on the subject be interested in doing a guest post? 




8 thoughts on “The Food Pyramid v. The Food Companies v. Danne

  1. Love this! You are totally not alone on the confusion! The food pyramid is pretty confusing and it’s actually endorsed by different food companies looking for more people to eat their food so it’s not always accurate! Try to keep your meals as minimally processed as possible. I try to stick to a rule that if something has more than 5 ingredients on the label I won’t eat it. Even better if it doesn’t have a label. Shop the perimeters of your grocery store for the majority of your food and aim to fill half you’re plate with veggies for every meal and you’ll be golden 🙂

  2. is a bogus site with a bunch of ridiculous statements. Did you actually use that one? Try … maybe it will help?

  3. Apparently it is. It’s weird though, I thought I remembered using it in my college nutrition class, I wonder if it got hacked? Regardless, you know there’s a problem when sites that show up on the first page of a Google search…

  4. Hi Danne. I’m a registered dietitian (and a big fan of your blog!) and could shed a little light on the whole ‘serving size’ vs ‘portion size’ dilemma. I believe your goal this month is actually more about eating appropriate ‘portions’ rather than ‘servings’. I’d be happy to send you a bit more info over email perhaps?

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