March’s Lent: Portion Control

Contrary to the popular belief of some people (ehem Dad), I’m a very good eater—in fact—sometimes too good of an eater. Sure, I had a phase in high school where eating was pretty low on my priority list (and listening to Silverchair was pretty high), but these days I’m Mrs. Eat-Everything-On-My-Plate-and-Then-Finish-Whatever-Is-Left-On-Dan’s. No, really. You should have seen me at the B&B last weekend, it was out of control—and borderline embarrassing—how much breakfast I was able to fit into my body. It got me thinking that maybe it’s time to reign it in a little and stop eating like it’s armageddon. Enter March’s Lent: Portion Control. 

Let me start out by saying that I’m not doing this challenge because I think I need to lose weight—hey, if I drop a few lbs. that’s great, but that’s not my motivation. I’m just trying to tone it down a bit and get an idea of what I should be eating instead of just eating whatever my little Danne heart desires all the time. The food companies have suggested serving sizes for a reason, and it’s about time I get in check with portion control before my metabolism totally goes out the window. I am pushing 30 after all…

So, this month, I will read my food labels carefully, eat only the recommended serving, and make due with (most likely) a little less. Mindless snacking no more, extra helpings be gone, I’m all about portion control. Wish. Me. Luck. 

Anyone have any good references for me? I have a bit of research to do…


3 thoughts on “March’s Lent: Portion Control

  1. I’m looking forward to reading the results of your research. I mostly cook from scratch. It’s difficult to figure out how much to dish up when you’re serving soup or stew, for example, unless the recipe specifies that a serving is one cup, for example.

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